Colorful, bold and simple, the brand echoes the philosophy behind a modern interpretation of a traditional dining concept.

Fuchsia is a Dubai concept offering a unique take on Thai cuisine. Offering modern, urban Thai food, Fuchsia now has two branches – both casual and cozy. The venues, like the menus are carefully composed and a refreshing departure from an overly-saturated corner of the Dubai dining scene.



Dubai has, in the last few years, seen a sudden explosion in dining concepts of every kind. From burgers to smoothies and curries to salads, there is now no shortage of food choices in every part of the city. The challenge of launching a Thai concept into a highly saturated market meant looking at the brand from a different perspective and creating something unexpected.



Taking a traditional Thai menu and elevating it through new ingredients and unexpected twists, is at the heart of what makes Fuchsia so memorable. We decided to follow this approach, applying new takes on traditional attributes to every aspect of the Fuchsia brand experience.


A casual concept with a focus on home delivery, our aim was to build a brand that was relatable, approachable and conversational. Fuchsia was going to be a brand people liked to have around – like having a good friend with a few quirky attributes.


Based on traditional Thai letterforms, the visual language is composed of symbols, shapes and patterns reflecting a contemporary Thai experience. Coupled with a vibrant, warm color palette and tied together with a warm, lighthearted tone of voice, the visual identity comes together to create a cohesive brand that permeates every interaction point. From print to digital, instore to online and packaging to promotions, the brand feels light and fun – a subtle departure from the expected, yet as grounded as it needs to be in the roots from where it comes.

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