Brand workshop, audit and research

Before we begin defining your brand personality or creating your identity through brand strategy in Dubai, it is important for us to understand as much about your business, your sector and your customers as we can. During our client-agency brand workshop in Dubai, we’ll spend time with you and other key stakeholders in the business learning about your long-term aspirations for the brand and your understanding of the market. Together, we’ll begin the process of mapping out the positioning and personality of your brand.

We will use the brand strategy consulting session to look at how your competition is positioned, what they are saying and how it is being communicated. It is important to understand how your competitors are perceived so we can define an unclaimed space in which you can operate effectively.

Understanding your audience means we’re better able to define a tonality, messaging and visual style that resonates with the people you’re most likely to engage with through channels they’re most.

We believe that your brand personality comes through in the way you look, speak, and act, and strive to create uniformity, consistency and believability in every aspect of how your brand portrays itself.

Everything your brand does should be a reflection of your brand strategy, your brand values and your brand personality. By developing a complex messaging matrix, we are able to define what your brand says in corporate, digital, social or even retail environments.


Brand positioning

Positioning your brand sets the foundation for everything that follows. Having character and personality defines how your brand looks, the words it uses, the places it appears, and the people it engages with.

It is easy to write content for a brand with clearly defined values and a carefully crafted personality because it feels as natural as picturing how your best friend would dress, behave and speak.

We all have our own story, it’s important your brand has one too.

Brand architecture

From holding companies spanning multiple sectors to product ranges and sub-brands, defining your brand architecture brings order to your organization. This process allows you to transfer equity between business units, thereby allowing a newer, less established service to capitalize on the recognition of a more well-known one. Here, we create association between business units where you need it and distance where you don’t.

Staff engagement

When your team fully understands and embraces your brand, they become your greatest champions. Through structured workshops and seminars, we make sure your staff grasps your brand positioning, what makes it different from your competitors and how it looks sounds and acts when taking the brand to market. We believe that a business’ own people are its brands greatest ambassadors and we work directly with you to make sure that your staff are your brand’s most passionate voice.

Brand Strategy