Visual identity design

Putting together a visual identity system for your brand is about creating a visual system that works to shape and create a brand that is distinctive and recognizable. Starting with your logo, it is a collection of carefully considered marks, colours, typographic choices and photographic or illustrative styles that work together both on and offline.

Here we put your visual system to the test. We look at how it all comes together across every touchpoint your audiences will interact with – be it web based applications, traditional print advertising or even retail spaces and signgae systems.

Perhaps you have a brand that could do with a facelift? Or you’re looking to create a new visual identity? Whatever the case, get in touch so we can start building a visual system refelctive of your brand’s personaltiy.

Brand messaging and tone of voice

How your brand speaks is driven by a carefully considered personality. Is the brand authoritative? Perhaps it’s a retail brand and should take a slightly less serious tone with its audiences? Whatever the case, it’s important that your brand speaks with a voice that is congruent with the how it looks, appears and acts.

Brand guideliness

Developing a set of guidelines for a brand is to provide our clients with the tools they need to ensure their brand continues to exist as it was always meant to. We make sure to include everything anyone will ever need to fully understand, replicate, build on and even improve the overall brand experience. These manuals are much more than a simple set of rules and regulations – they aim to introduce newcomers to the brand, give them insight into the brand’s personality and the tone it should be taking with its customers.