Pan Home

Rebranding a beloved home furnishing store

Extraordinary furniture, ordinary prices

An affordable furnishing brand that started out as a single store 29 years back in Sharjah, Pan Emirates is now one of the fastest growing furniture stores in the region.

The key challenge was to pivot from a mass brand to one that’s in the affordable, accessible luxury arena and appeals to a younger, savvier audience segment, thus expanding their market share.

We conducted multiple in-store, telephone, in-person interviews as well as online (Instagram) and email surveys to understand the brand perception and market. In addition, we looked at reviews on Google, Trust Pilot and Glassdoor and went down Reddit rabbit holes.

Your home. Your style. On your budget.

This led to the development of target audience profiles, identifying primary customers, a messaging style that would resonate with them and of course, the brand platform & story.


There’s one place in the world where you feel completely safe. Where you’re free to be yourself and surrounded by lovingly selected elements reflecting your tastes, memories, travels and stories. It’s where you get to invite the world a peek into who you are. It’s your sanctuary. It’s your canvas for self-expression. It’s where there’s finally balance and the noise, the deadlines, the overwhelm just fade away as you walk through the door into the arms of your family or sink into the comfort of your couch.

It’s where you come first. it’s where your family comes first. It’s because at Pan Emirates, we know that Home Comes First.

What’s in a name? A lot, actually.

A name change sends an important signal, which was much needed in this case. We wanted to retain “Pan” because of the brand equity but replace Emirates as the brand had expanded geographically far beyond the UAE. Many iterations were considered but we landed on one that tied best with the essence of Home Comes First and encompassed their offering: Pan Home.

Design your happy.

With a new direction, strategy and name in place, a beautiful, contemporary and much more minimal identity was created. Benchmarked against global DTC furniture brands, the new image style is much cleaner, allowing the products to really shine. The modern colours and typefaces deliver on the repositioning of Pan Home as a brand for a younger audience that is embarking on a new phase in their life (newly weds, a nursery for their newborn, first home).

We also worked with Pan to revamp their website, social media presence as well as advertising campaigns.

Time for your home run

Legacy and heritage brands are facing a bit of a struggle now that the purchasing power has shifted to a new generation with entirely different tastes, behaviours and even language. If you’re figuring out this new landscape and need some help, we are the right partners – our team is made up of Dubaiians who’ve been born & brought up here, to those who have been working in the region for 25 years. Our insights into the local customer behaviour and preferences is second to none, while our ability to design according to the most contemporary global standards is self-evident.

Drop us a line: or use WhatsApp and let’s revamp that brand.


Refueling reinvented

Cafu is the region’s first fuel delivery service. Subscribers can choose between either a once off, pay-as-you-go service or a monthly subscription option. By pinpointing the location of a vehicle, and leaving the fuel cap of their car open, subscribers can now have fuel delivered to their car while at home or at work.

Working with the team at Mena Energy, we began working through the various challenges that an entirely new type of fuel product would face, how best to address those challenges and how to educate the public on the new app. Following a detailed brand audit and strategy phase, we developed a brand name for the brand – something both descriptive and intriguing, while fitting comfortably within the identified benchmark space.

We developed a series of engaging brand messages, designed to live across a wide number of different spaces – online, in app, across social and in advertising. The brand identity was then taken across all key applications, including app design and informational and educational onboarding videos. Iconography was developed to support a simple, no-fuss product, while Arabic considerations, including logo creation and typography choices were developed for the brand and detailed in a thorough brand guidelines document.


Brand Strategy | Naming| Brand Identity | Logo Design| Tone of Voice & Messaging | Brand Guidelines | Website Design | App Design & Development

Learn more or download the app here.

Al Majlis

Saadiyat Beach Resort’s upscale lobby lounge

Working with Jumeirah, we developed brands for the five dining experiences within their latest Abu Dhabi hotel offering – Saadiyat Beach Resort. Al Majlis, the upscale lobby lounge offers guests a place to meet, unwind and sample a variety of coffees, teas and pastries.

In developing the name and brand identity for the venue, we wanted to ensure that the brand was in line with the café’s core offering – a place where people can meet, socialize and where guests can take the time to sample a number of smaller cakes, pastries and starters. At the same time, we wanted the name to reflect the regional, Arabic heritage surrounding where much of the coffees, teas and desserts are sourced from.

Certain stylistic choices were carried through into all of the venues – metallic finishes (golds and coppers), patterning and an uncluttered, modern, sense of design found its way into each and every one of the venue’s brand identities. There though, the similarities ended and each brand became its own experience.

Menus – rich, hardcover leather-bound volumes with gold trim and copper screws, were designed to not only reflect and enhance the restaurant experience, but also to allow for quick and easy amendments in the future. Inside the menu, gold foiling was then applied over full color images to further enhance the richness and authenticity of the experience.

Working with the team at Jumeirah, we created a full suite of restaurant brand applications for Mare Mare – from menu design to coasters and napkins – finally compiling the project in a neatly documented brand guidelines document.

Naming | Brand Identity | Logo design | Menu Design | Brand guidelines

You can learn more about the resort here:


The art of Arabic

Tean is Saadiyat Island Resort’s upscale, Arabic dining option. Along with four other venues, it forms a suite of restaurant brands we created for Jumeirah’s five-star hotel.

Brand naming , Logo design and brand identity creation

Each of the five restaurants offers guests different dining experiences: Mare Mare specializes in seafood, Majlis serves tea, coffee and cakes, Tean offers a modern take on cuisine from around the Middle East. We wanted to ensure that each of the brands reflected that unique experience, while fitteing into, and complimented, the greater vision and proposition of the resort.

Certain stylistic choices were carried through into all of the venues – metallic finishes (golds and coppers), patterning and an uncluttered, modern, sense of design found its way into each and every one of the venue’s brand identities. There though, the similarities ended and each brand became its own experience.

Saadiyat Island is renowned for embracing art and culture. From The Louvre, to the Manarat Al Saadiyat, Salwa Zeidan and The Art Gallery at NYU, the island is rich in color and expression. We wanted the Tean brand to both embrace the richness of the food on offer, while reflecting the ethos of the Island’s greater vision.

The brand identity is dynamic. The logo is versatile; it shifts and changes throughout the many applications it appears on – from printed material – (such as coasters and menus) to signage and uniform design.

Working with the team at Jumeirah, we finalized a full suite of restaurant brand applications for Tean, finally compiling the project in a neatly documented brand guidelines document.

Brand Strategy | Naming | Brand Identity | Logo design | Menu Design

You can learn more about the resort here:

Lose yourself in a good story

Chapters restaurant at Zabeel House by Jumeirah in Dubai is not your normal lobby lounge. Here, guests are invited to settle in with one of the many books within the venues library, lose themselves in a good story, or even write their own.


Each hotel has their own lobby lounge – a venue within the hotel that is typically a waiting area and meeting point. They are where hotel guests meet before heading out for the day, and where informal meetings are held.

We were tasked by the Jumeirah Group to create a unique and evocative name and brand identity for the restaurant while also creating a theme that set it apart from other lounges.


By giving the F&B outlet a theme and identity, we were able to to turn a standard hotel lobby lounge into something more than just a simple meeting point. And that’s where the idea of Chapters stemmed from – lounges are where individuals meet, catch up and exchange stories about their own lives. They are places where business men and women get together, discuss opportunities, plan and write new chapters in their own ventures.

We wanted to take this idea and turn it into a brand that people could relate to, connect with and spend time with. Chapters – the brand name given to the venue captures everything that we wanted the place to become, a place where stories are born, shared and retold. Our task then became to bring this idea to life.

Large bookshelves lined with novels further build on the brand idea, while colors were selected to support existing uniform materials and tableware. Menus and bill folders were designed to mimic hardcover novels, note books and sketch pads, while messaging for the brand was brought through into every aspect of the brand experience.

Chapters is a simple brand that, while delivering on its own unique brand experience, lives comfortably within Jumeirah’s unique new offering of Zabeel House at Al Seef.

Read more about the individual services we offered for this project below:

Naming | Brand Identity | Menu Design | Logo Design

Learn more about the hotel and the restaurant here:

It’s time to update your status

A high-end development offering luxury apartments in Dubai Marina,  Marina Arcade offers the very best in Marina living. Combining high-end services, luxury finishings, state-of-the-art facilities and easy access to Dubai’s primary road networks, Marina Arcade raises the bar on Marina living.


Developed and operated by Madain Properties, Marina Arcade needed to communicate its offering to a number of different markets: Local – families living and working in Dubai, regional (GCC) and a number of international markets. This made targeted communication channels of utmost importance.

Advertising and messaging

First and foremost we developed a compelling creative idea with visuals and messaging solutions that would be used across print and digital applications. Identifying a number of key points – those attributes that differentiate the offering from its competition (including concierge and service) determined the overall tonality for the brand, and the overarching messaging that the campaign was going to employ.

We then began to look at how the creative ideas could be applied to print, digital and social media.

Social media marketing and digital advertising

We decided to use social media not just as a tool to promote the development and the individual units within it, but to transform it into something useful – a tool that residents could use to find out about upcoming events and promotions within the area, and a digital platform that educates and informs international audiences about the benefits of buying and investing within the Marina.

Social media was then complemented with targeted, digital advertising – both on social channels (such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as external news and property sites) and backed up by a simple, easy to navigate website, including downloadable brochure, floor plans and video walk through.

As with everything we do, in taking the Marina Arcade brand to market, it was important that everything from the visual style to the words we used across each and every channel – be it outdoor advertising, print, or social media – remained true and consistent to the overall brand experience.

Digital | Advertising | Brand Messaging | Image style

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