Marina Arcade

A high-end development offering luxury apartments in Dubai Marina,  Marina Arcade offers the very best in Marina living. Combining high-end services, luxury finishings, state-of-the-art facilities and easy access to Dubai’s primary road networks, Marina Arcade raises the bar on Marina living.


Developed and operated by Madain Properties, Marina Arcade needed to communicate its offering to a number of different markets: Local – families living and working in Dubai, regional (GCC) and a number of international markets. This made targeted communication channels of utmost importance.

Advertising and messaging

First and foremost we developed a compelling creative idea with visuals and messaging solutions that would be used across print and digital applications. Identifying a number of key points – those attributes that differentiate the offering from its competition (including concierge and service) determined the overall tonality for the brand, and the overarching messaging that the campaign was going to employ.

We then began to look at how the creative ideas could be applied to print, digital and social media.

Social media marketing and digital advertising

We decided to use social media not just as a tool to promote the development and the individual units within it, but to transform it into something useful – a tool that residents could use to find out about upcoming events and promotions within the area, and a digital platform that educates and informs international audiences about the benefits of buying and investing within the Marina.

Social media was then complemented with targeted, digital advertising – both on social channels (such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as external news and property sites) and backed up by a simple, easy to navigate website, including downloadable brochure, floor plans and video walk through.

As with everything we do, in taking the Marina Arcade brand to market, it was important that everything from the visual style to the words we used across each and every channel – be it outdoor advertising, print, or social media – remained true and consistent to the overall brand experience.

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