Where Each Class Is World-Class

Research, strategy and naming:

Welcome to a completely new learning experience, where we inspire curious hearts and creative minds.

Numu is designed with love to reimagine early childhood education. At the intersection of technology and tradition, it’s a nursery focused on ensuring that each day for your child is the best one ever ever :)!

During our workshops, and through comprehensive research into the audience needs, market gaps and global benchmarks, we realized that parents are really looking for a safe, joyful, stimulating environment that helps them raise well-rounded children. Our strategic direction focused on the idea of raising the future, while making the present magically memorable.

Name creation is always fun and challenging but in this case, we all gravitated quite quickly towards Numu as it comes from the Arabic word for grow, tying in beautifully with the essence of the brand.

Little Wonders Meet Days Full Of Wonder

Brand expression:

As always, a solid strategy really helps drive the visual exploration of how to bring the brand to life. We knew we wanted to create something that is whimsical, playful but sophisticated, clean and minimal. What we didn’t know was how our creative team would take that brief and just completely blow us away with their interpretation of it!

From a logo that alludes to growth to the cutest looking characters that represent the different sides of children to a palette that is both colourful but also appealing to the sensibilities of the modern millennial parents who shy away from anything garish, it’ s an identity that’s incredibly easy to fall in love with. What inspired our aesthetics? The classic pragmatic, the funky biker, the colorful happy souls.

As always, the brand identity phase was followed by the creation of various touchpoints that really immerse you in the actual brand experience and truly showcase the difference. Each application was thoughtfully crafted to appeal to parents who want to ensure their children are in a safe space that fosters a love of learning.

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