Sufra Rewards

What should we order? The eternal question….

Loyalty programmes. They’re everywhere and we love them!
You get rewarded for drinking your favorite coffee, for flying with your favourite airline, for doing that Barry’s class, for feasting at your favorite restaurant! And that sense of belonging has become as important as the value you’re getting – especially for the current generation.

And Alfa.Co is no stranger to that. They are fast-growing operators of casual, fast casual and healthy dining restaurants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The client’s objective was to rebrand their loyalty programme to become the leading F&B integrated multi-brand loyalty programme (with a mobile-first approach!)

We had a real opportunity to create a unique positioning encompassing several functional and emotional benefits. To create a brand that is truly loved, one that you would brag about.

Steak on you, Pizza on us!

It was all about exploration. About discovery. After all, the loyalty programme includes so many restaurants to choose from!

With the explorer brand archetype and a defined positioning of the customer is at the heart of everything we do, we then proceeded to name the programme.

What resonated for us? Sufra.
As referred to in the region, a generous table full of food.

The challenge? Make Sufra rewards connect with the youth of KSA.

Our goal was to bring this programme to life through a lighthearted, vibrant identity; to appeal to the foodies, the families but also the young & active gen Z.

How? With ‘YOU at the heart of everything we do” as the soul of the brand, we developed a unique logo and icon that draws directly from the name; along with a bright and vivid color palette.

The result? A Bold, inclusive, stylish cool brand that speaks the language of its audience, and has already recruited several loyalists since it launched!

Discover a world of taste.

We worked across different touchpoints and brought Sufra Rewards to life. We also created unique tier names for the loyalty programme.

Now let the fun begin and the tastebuds dance!

Hungry for something extraordinary?

Aside from the fact that our team is full of foodies, we also pack years of extensive experience in F&B branding.

So whether you want to launch the next Cronut trend, or are looking for a refresh of that burger joint, contact us and let the journey begin.

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