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We worked across different touchpoints, from the image style to packaging, all the way to social media look & feel. The intent was to showcase an unusual yet effortless form of grandeur, one that is home to some of the finest brands around the world.

A place of discovery

DTC has disrupted jewelry.

It’s no longer something you wait for your significant other to hopefully buy once a year for your birthday 🤞! Now, it’s all about self-expression and self-gifting – from me to ME! We love the new generation’s aversion to “diamonds are forever” and should cost 3x your salary in favor of street-wear styles, stacking and independent, colorful brands.

So when our client came to us with the idea of an outlet that stocked the most coveted DTC and eclectic brands from around the world, we were on board and in love!

We wanted to create a brand that flirts with the edges. A brand so boho and whimsical that it screams unexpected, sublime. A brand that is simply…it!

A destination, a mood, a moment!

The it place, the discovery, that avant-garde destination where you will always find something new to fall in [or express] love with.

A brand that celebrates art, self-expression and discovering the IT girl in you.

With the strategy in place, we developed the unapologetic brand identity. One that illustrates the destination. A destination for those who are champions of self-expression, curators and narrators of their own story.

Seeking the unexpected?

You’ve come to the right place!

We’ve partnered with some of the most successful brands across the region – from the finest jewelry to the coolest restaurants and avant-garde tech platforms!

Not sure how to stand out within your landscape? Yellow does!
We will encourage you to flirt with the edges of your tastes, break the barriers and be a little braver in your choices!

You and us? We can make magic happen!

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Branding for an innovative fem-tech platform

Brand strategy, brand identity, tone of voice, messaging, website, social media, photography style and packaging for the first FemTech platform centered on giving women total control over their fertility journey.

TikTok over Tick Tock

OvaSave is the first fem-tech startup of its kind in the region, with a focus on fertility and women’s health. A tech platform that provides women with access to fertility and egg freezing services across a vetted network that will grow to more than 50 partner clinics in 10 countries and 20 cities.

We created a brand strategy that encourages women to fight against the tyranny of the dreaded biological clock that has ruled their lives and open their minds to options.

Freeze your eggs, not your ambitions.

We spoke to multiple women to understand the concerns, barriers and customer journey and benchmarked against some global brands that are in a similar space. The led to the creation of a brand platform centered around the idea of being there for a new generation of women, helping them pursue their amibitions and put themselves first.

We loved creating the tone of voice and messaging for this brand, which is rebellious, powerful, encouraging, unconventional and energetic.

Productive now. Reproductive later.

With the brand centered around the idea of putting women in charge of their biological clock, the logo depicts this by subtly incorporating an on / off switch withing the O.

We developed a rich visual language made up graphical devices and illustrations to support an image style that shows women living their life to the fullest, pursuing their personal and professional goals. A full set of original icons were also created for use throughout the website and app, along with packaging for the testing kits, social media look and feel and design of various collateral.

Ready to create now?

We’ve been working on some incredible tech platforms and DTC brands. If you have seen a gap in the market, a pain point that you have a great solution for and have been wondering whether to take the leap or not, we say go for it! If it’s a REALLY great idea aligned with our values, we also consider partnering for equity.

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Services included: Brand strategy, brand identity, tone of voice, messaging, website, social media, photography style, and packaging.


The art of rebellion

The art of rebellion

Meet Rita & Ibrahim, an incredibly talented couple that left their established careers to pursue their dreams of creating a bold new fine jewelry brand. Rebellion was a major theme throughout everything – from the playful, unexpectedness of the pieces created to it being a purely DTC brand to the personality of the founders. This segued into the essence of the brand being centered on the idea of “The Art of Rebellion” – a narrative that was all about celebrating self-expression, confidence, colour, creativity, boldness and femininity.

Why Maveroc

Naming is always one of the most challenging aspects of creating a brand. It’s incredibly personal, subjective and often all the great ideas you come up with are taken. We explored many themes and ideas, focusing predominantly on evocative and associative names – names that communicated the brand idea without being too descriptive (our favourite kind of names)! And thus Maveroc was born.

With a strategic foundation in place, a name we all fell in love with and the essence of rebellion at the heart of the brand, we developed the brand identity that consisted of a vibrant colour palette made up of our favourite colours – pink and yellow! The colours of passion, optimism and creativity. We selected contemporary, bold typefaces, and created a visual language that allowed the hero of our story to shine: the jewelry. This was followed by developing all the supporting touchpoints where the brand really comes to life – from creating the packaging and image style to working closely with the founders and various partners to design, direct and launch the website, social media and photoshoots.

Passionate Cheerleaders

The team: Yellow works collaboratively with our in-house team which was made up of Sarah, Mamta, Dan, Stuart along with a special shout out to our partners and collaborators.

We’ve worked on some of the most successful homegrown brands in the region like OliOli, Cafu, Luma, Goat amongst many others. If you’ve been daydreaming of starting your own business, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for!

Send us an email and let’s go!

Pan Home

Rebranding a beloved home furnishing store

Extraordinary furniture, ordinary prices

An affordable furnishing brand that started out as a single store 29 years back in Sharjah, Pan Emirates is now one of the fastest growing furniture stores in the region.

The key challenge was to pivot from a mass brand to one that’s in the affordable, accessible luxury arena and appeals to a younger, savvier audience segment, thus expanding their market share.

We conducted multiple in-store, telephone, in-person interviews as well as online (Instagram) and email surveys to understand the brand perception and market. In addition, we looked at reviews on Google, Trust Pilot and Glassdoor and went down Reddit rabbit holes.

Your home. Your style. On your budget.

This led to the development of target audience profiles, identifying primary customers, a messaging style that would resonate with them and of course, the brand platform & story.


There’s one place in the world where you feel completely safe. Where you’re free to be yourself and surrounded by lovingly selected elements reflecting your tastes, memories, travels and stories. It’s where you get to invite the world a peek into who you are. It’s your sanctuary. It’s your canvas for self-expression. It’s where there’s finally balance and the noise, the deadlines, the overwhelm just fade away as you walk through the door into the arms of your family or sink into the comfort of your couch.

It’s where you come first. it’s where your family comes first. It’s because at Pan Emirates, we know that Home Comes First.

What’s in a name? A lot, actually.

A name change sends an important signal, which was much needed in this case. We wanted to retain “Pan” because of the brand equity but replace Emirates as the brand had expanded geographically far beyond the UAE. Many iterations were considered but we landed on one that tied best with the essence of Home Comes First and encompassed their offering: Pan Home.

Design your happy.

With a new direction, strategy and name in place, a beautiful, contemporary and much more minimal identity was created. Benchmarked against global DTC furniture brands, the new image style is much cleaner, allowing the products to really shine. The modern colours and typefaces deliver on the repositioning of Pan Home as a brand for a younger audience that is embarking on a new phase in their life (newly weds, a nursery for their newborn, first home).

We also worked with Pan to revamp their website, social media presence as well as advertising campaigns.

Time for your home run

Legacy and heritage brands are facing a bit of a struggle now that the purchasing power has shifted to a new generation with entirely different tastes, behaviours and even language. If you’re figuring out this new landscape and need some help, we are the right partners – our team is made up of Dubaiians who’ve been born & brought up here, to those who have been working in the region for 25 years. Our insights into the local customer behaviour and preferences is second to none, while our ability to design according to the most contemporary global standards is self-evident.

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Refueling reinvented

Cafu is the region’s first fuel delivery service. Subscribers can choose between either a once off, pay-as-you-go service or a monthly subscription option. By pinpointing the location of a vehicle, and leaving the fuel cap of their car open, subscribers can now have fuel delivered to their car while at home or at work.

Working with the team at Mena Energy, we began working through the various challenges that an entirely new type of fuel product would face, how best to address those challenges and how to educate the public on the new app. Following a detailed brand audit and strategy phase, we developed a brand name for the brand – something both descriptive and intriguing, while fitting comfortably within the identified benchmark space.

We developed a series of engaging brand messages, designed to live across a wide number of different spaces – online, in app, across social and in advertising. The brand identity was then taken across all key applications, including app design and informational and educational onboarding videos. Iconography was developed to support a simple, no-fuss product, while Arabic considerations, including logo creation and typography choices were developed for the brand and detailed in a thorough brand guidelines document.


Learn more or download the app here.