Stuart dreamt of being an astronaut when growing up. Or a fire fighter. Or a policeman. He never could make up his mind and he didn’t think it was necessary to. This open-mindedness and curiosity always has him learning new things, in both work and his personal life. He’ll decide he wants to be the next greatest photographer, buy the whole kit, pursue it with a passion and then set it aside because oooooh look, it’s a kite board!

He may really be the most mentally ambidextrous person we know – equally strategic and business minded and yet, equally talented enough to have created several award-winning brand identities.

One of the best listeners we know, he’s the perfect guy to confess all your wild ambitions for your business to, whether you hope you’ll be bought out by Google 5 years from now or become the most talked about IPO in history. He will take all of it in and come back with a brand identity that will help set you apart in a sea of sameness.

Often found: training for Ironman.

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