Danielle, aka Dan, or Dee- because she hates being called by her actual name- was sick of selling detergent in advertising so she decided to hop on the branding wagon that stopped her way.

Her superpowers?  Transmutation- she’ll switch into a creative species anytime. Copywriter, (junior) designer, you name it!  Invulnerability- her batteries simply won’t die. She’s always at 1000km/h.

Her thirst for adventure (and life in general) makes her want to know everything, do everything. From designing furniture to painting walls, her strength lies in coming up with campaign ideas that sell (did we say how much she loved selling detergent already?). She’ll work on a car launch campaign overnight and write a press release for a luxury cosmetic brand the next morning.

She’s a proudly Lebanese soul at the heart of Yellow- although her wardrobe is exclusively and uniquely BLACK. We do love odd ones, don’t we?!

NB: Of course, we had to make her wear white for that picture- wink!

Often found: Shopping for the next black outfit!

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