Here at Yellow, we are a team of thinkers, strategists, designers, writers and planners. We create things, name things, manage things and design things. We like collaboration, enjoy working together, and love what we do. To learn a little bit about our management team, read on.

Wael is a consummate storyteller – and more often than not, he’ll tell you the best ones over an amazing meal he’s cooked. His passions range from food, travel, cultures, history, art, interior design to IPOs, marketing strategies, forecasts and budgets.

His talent lies in being able to see things differently – this could be because of his years of experience working on some of the largest brands in the world, or the fact that he’s been on the client side, or run a large, network agency or maybe it is just age, with which comes wisdom (bit scared now, as we might end up under his skillful, sharp knife for bringing his age up!).

We can’t really be sure what makes him tick, but we do know that he’s our secret weapon, and it’s almost impossible to not be charmed by his enthusiasm and love for life.

Often found: planning his next trip around the world.

Sarah announced that she wanted to run her own business…when she was 10. She then proceeded to boss around everyone in her life – we’ve given up hope of this ever changing.

It is balanced (just a little) by the fact that she has gathered enough experience over the last 15 years to actually know what she is talking about and be very, very good at what she does.

Her curiosity makes her quite passionate about finding out what makes people – and businesses – tick. This, along with her love for art, storytelling and design, made Yellow a natural next step for her – a business truly invested in helping brands find their voice and telling their story to the world.

Often found: driving around town, singing & dancing in her car.

Stuart dreamt of being an astronaut when growing up. Or a fire fighter. Or a policeman. He never could make up his mind and he didn’t think it was necessary to. This open-mindedness and curiosity always has him learning new things, in both work and his personal life. He’ll decide he wants to be the next greatest photographer, buy the whole kit, pursue it with a passion and then set it aside because oooooh look, it’s a kite board!

He may really be the most mentally ambidextrous person we know – equally strategic and business minded and yet, equally talented enough to have created several award-winning brand identities. Truth be told, we’re all a little envious, and may have considered punching him. Sorry, Stu.

One of the best listeners we know, he’s the perfect guy to confess all your wild ambitions for your business to, whether you hope you’ll be bought out by Zuckerberg 5 years from now or become the most talked about IPO in history. He will take all of it in and come back with a strategy that will help set you on the path to achieving your goals.

Often found: training for Ironman.

Ah, Scotty – he’s the normal one in our family! Or so we thought until a fateful karaoke night where he just casually delivered the best version of Ice Ice Baby ever, and definitely made us stop, collaborate and listen!

When he’s not chasing waves, training for a race or cracking dad jokes, you’re likely to find him behind his laptop working on bringing brands to life. His love of nature and passion for design help him come up with creative concepts and brand identities that have won several awards all over the world. And his perfectionism and eye for detail make him the champion of consistency and essentially the brand police on our team. All this is pretty effortless for him though, as he’s been doing it for over 20 years in South Africa, UK, France and the UAE.

Often found: practicing Ed Sheeran songs for karaoke night.

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